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Letter from the Head

Dear parents:

At Agora Sant Cugat International School, to speak of education is to speak of the future. Our teaching is based on an active and demanding education; one that aims for constant improvement and innovation to adapt itself to the reality of each moment. Each day we welcome our pupils at school with their rucksacks full of enthusiasm, effort, perseverance, and a curiosity for learning, since these are the ingredients which enable them to achieve great results, while we grow and advance together.

Our objective as educators is to make our students feel happy at the school, since we are convinced that a positive atmosphere is key for them to gain the knowledge and skills which will enable them to be creative and enterprising and take an active role in society. That’s why, every year, the school invests in the improvement of its facilities, and especially in those resources which can guarantee excellent pedagogical innovation and methodologies which are efficient and adapted to the needs of the pupils.

At Agora Sant Cugat, we strive to provide a comprehensive education for our pupils in which the transmission of values and work habits are fundamental in their education as people. Our wish is that, during their time with us, they acquire all the skills and tools necessary to live successfully in a globalised world.

Globeducate events (Globeducate Arts Competition, Globeducate Model United Nations, Academic Olympics, Sports Olympics and International Music Festival) are held every year at each of the different schools in the group. These enable the pupils to build relationships and work with pupils from other countries, as well as to take part in different charity campaigns, thus encouraging global readiness and reinforcing the spirit of solidarity, empathy and collaboration, values which undoubtedly form part of the human education which the entire team at our school works on day after day.

The Agora Sant Cugat Educational Project has a clear international vision. We integrate the standards of the international curriculum at every stage with the objective of widening the students’ educational experience, encouraging them to put their knowledge and understanding into practice, and work on processes, not just contents.

Learning English is fundamental for the academic and professional future of young people today. We want our students to become citizens of the world who are open to change. For this reason, we encourage their active participation in different international programmes in order to maximise their opportunities to travel abroad and work together with students from other countries. On a language level, every school year many pupils succeed in passing the external tests taken in the various foreign languages offered at the school.

Music education, art and sports are fundamental areas in our global vision of education. All of these educate pupils in sensitivity and help to set guidelines for correct social behaviour and academic performance: respect and tolerance, self-improvement, responsibility, and social commitment.

The extraordinary team of staff at Agora Sant Cugat guarantees the success of our educational model. All of them work daily to achieve the very best from every one of their students. Their vocation, experience and training enhance our Educational Project and ensure it is up-to-date with the needs and priorities of the moment. Furthermore, the school makes sure teachers receive the necessary training for the introduction of new technologies as a fundamental resource in new educational methodologies, encouraging greater pupil participation, teamwork, and personalisation of learning.

On behalf of the entire Agora Sant Cugat International School community, I welcome you to our website. We hope that the information you find here is useful and that you do not hesitate to get in contact with us if you have any questions, or would like to visit our facilities.

Kind regards,

Vicenç Gandol

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