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Educational Project Proposal

At Agora Patufet Infant School the children grow up happy, playing and discovering their skills in a warm and friendly environment, accompanied by a team of teachers and trilingual specialists who are passionate about their work. These are vital years in which to instil a passion for learning in them through an active, creative, and experiential methodology, in which they naturally acquire a foreign language and discover their own bodies and everything which surrounds them. This is what we call Happy Learning!

Happy Learning is based on the stimulation of the children’s intellectual, emotional, and motor development, preparing them for learning which will take place in later years, and which can be continued at Agora Sant Cugat International School. Happy Learning contributes to the children’s learning and development in areas such as communication, emotions, interest in reading, letters and numbers, physical skill, discovery of their environment, creativity, and values.

Emotions are a fundamental aspect of the Happy Learning programme. The children at Agora Patufet Infant School learn to identify their own emotions and those of their classmates, understanding that there are no good or bad emotions if you know how to identify and manage them. The children also acquire the confidence to start to express themselves and converse with others, working on listening and communication. Although many don’t yet know how to read or write, they come into contact with the world of letters and numbers, and their interest in reading is reinforced through stories and fun activities.

Similarly, in Happy Learning the pupils do psychomotor development activities to boost self-confidence by getting to know their own body, which prepares them to gain autonomy and experiment with what’s around them. Infant education is a stage in which the children discover and learn from their natural environment, learn to think and creatively solve problems, and learn to act with respect and tolerance for others, as well as other values.

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