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Facilities and services

The school buildings at Agora Pipo Infant School are perfectly adapted to suit the needs of each student. The school incorporates bright, spacious classrooms, playgrounds, music rooms, a psychomotor skills space, etc., all designed to create a positive and productive learning environment. The school also offers an extended hours service and has its own dining room and kitchens on site. Our aim is to ensure that every day our students experience a happy and harmonious transition between home and school.


In daily life at Agora Pipo Infant School, the facilities are more than just a space: they’re a place where the pupils become the creators and protagonists of their own learning through classrooms adapted to the needs of each pupil and each moment. They’re modern spaces which have all the necessary materials to stimulate learning: a music classroom in which the children begin to develop musical sensibility; a psychomotricity classroom where they can develop their skills; a playground where they learn to relate to others and play…

School services

We offer a dining service, with our own kitchen, which is guided by a nutritionist to guarantee the most suitable diet for the children. As a result, we can cater for specific diets based on medical needs.

We extend the school timetable for families who need it. This is a service which is designed to help families achieve the balance between family and school life. In the morning from 7:30 to 9:00, and in the evenings from 17:00 to 19:00.

Psychopedagogy Support

Psychopedagogy support is a basic part of the teaching and learning process, especially with pupils with specific difficulties. Of course, we must also remember that any one of our pupils may at some point need the support of this service. The infant school’s Psychopedagogy support service attends to the needs of pupils as individuals or as a group, and supports these two large groups with a systematic view from the teachers and the families.

The main tasks of our Psychopedagogy support team lie in the supervision of the pupils’ learning development process: activities which enable them to assess the children’s development; action to improve the children’s development, if needed, and coordination, guidance and advice for all those involved in our pupils’ development: teachers and parents. It is also worth highlighting that to complement this Psychopedagogy support, the school offers an external speech therapy service, when this is required. When it comes to their work, we highlight three aspects:

Support for pupils

The Psychopedagogy support team makes an initial assessment and evaluation of the imbalances which may appear in the different areas of their development (academic, social, behavioural, emotional, motor, etc).

Support for the teaching team

Advise, guide, and implement the right dynamics in the classroom so that the group works effectively as a whole.

Support for families

Sharing information, advice, and guidance, guidelines based on observations, and where appropriate, referrals to external services, which can be done at the school.

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