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The academic results obtained by pupils at Agora Sant Cugat International School are the result of the work carried out throughout the year by them, by our teaching and non-teaching staff, and by their families.

We are fully aware that results are not the only thing we want to prepare our students for but they are a consequence of the path we propose. Recognised year by year by the El Mundo newspaper’s prestigious study as the best private school in Catalunya and in the top five schools nationally, we convey our sincerest gratitude to all the people who have made and continue to make this recognition a reality.


Agora Sant Cugat International School ensures that all its Baccalaureate students pass their course and the university entrance examinations with very good average results as well as ensuring that the most academically capable students obtain the best results. In the last three years in Baccalaureate, our students have gained 13 honours awards and nine special Baccalaureate awards, obtained by students who exceed more than nine in the university entrance examinations.

IB Diploma

Most of our students opt for the IB Diploma Programme to access universities in Spain and abroad. At this moment in time, it is the preferred option for the majority of our students and they obtain significantly better and higher results than other schools.


of students presented in the Diploma Programme examinations


of students pass the Diploma Programme examinations


Average mark: 5.19 out of a possible 7 (a total of 33 marks out of a possible 45)

The 5.19 average mark of the Diploma Programme is equivalent to an 8.3 in the PAU General Phase.

National Baccalaureate


of students presented in the Selectividad examinations


of students pass the Selectividad examinations

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