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Agora International School students embarked on a Space Adventure at the NASA Space Centre in Houston

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Agora International School students embarked on a Space Adventure at the NASA Space Centre in Houston

Thirteen exceptional students from Agora Sant Cugat International School, Agora Portals International School, Agora Lledó International School and Agora Granada College had the unique opportunity to experience a transformative experience at the NASA Space Centre in Houston.

This educational trip was the initiative of Agora Sant Cugat International School and they invited students from Agora Portals International School, Agora Lledó International School and Agora Granada College International School to join them. It was a unique experience to go beyond the borders of the earth, enabled participating students the chance to immerse themselves in the world of space exploration and it ultimately left a deep impression on their young and passionate minds.

During their stay in Houston, Texas, the students not only had the opportunity to learn about the vibrant city and its surroundings, they also had exclusive access to the NASA Space Center facilities; a dream come true for any space enthusiast!

They carried out a series of activities that included building and launching rockets, designing habitats on the planet of Mars, creating and operating robots to extract samples of Martian rock, and simulating zero gravity through diving.

Students were immersed in an environment that allowed them to experience the challenges and thrills astronauts face in space at first-hand. In addition to acquiring scientific and technical knowledge, they emphasised the importance of teamwork, resilience, adaptability and the ability to solve problems in hostile environments such as outer space.

“It has been a memorable experience for everyone and we received exquisite care and attention from the Houston Space Centre staff. The fact that we are a group of students from different Agora sister schools created a healthy spirit of competition from which we learned together.” Enric Esquefa, accompanying teacher from ASCIS, affirmed.

Students’ interest and participation in fields related to STEAM is actively promoted in ASCIS and is part of the value proposal of Globeduate.

This trip is an example of the opportunities that Agora schools give to their students to foster innovation and technological progress and motivate them to pursue careers related to science and Technology to pave the way for future generations of scientists and astronauts.

Here are just some of the comments of students from ASCIS about their experience:

During our visit to NASA, we gained invaluable knowledge and experiences, particularly in the realms of teamwork and creativity, through engaging in a series of remarkable space-related projects. The projects were meticulously structured to mirror the stages of a space mission. On the first day, we successfully launched a rocket; on the second day, we constructed a habitat; and on the third day, we assembled a rover for research purposes. Despite the inherent unpredictabilities that come with any trip, our teachers adeptly and swiftly orchestrated the

Journey to ensure its smooth and effective execution. I hold a genuine appreciation for this excursion and wholeheartedly recommend it to our fellow classmates.


Participating in NASA activities offered us a unique opportunity to explore life on Mars. During the stay, we travelled to Mars with the construction of a rocket, settled on the planet with a base that had accommodation adapted to the climatic and radioactive conditions exhibited in a NASA gallery. Finally, we built a robot to extract Martian rock samples.

These experiences inspire and motivate people to pursue careers in STEAM, promoting innovation and technological progress.


My participation in NASA’s Youth Activity Programme was an excellent experience. Among the numerous activities in which I participated, one that stands out was the zero gravity simulation through diving.

That feeling of floating freely underwater, as astronauts do in space, was unbelievable! It made me understand the importance of adaptability and problem solving in hostile environments such as outer space.

The programme also opened my eyes to future careers that this experience could foster. NASA is not just about astronauts; it requires a wide range of professionals in science, technology and engineering. The opportunity to launch rockets, design habitats on Mars and explore official NASA facilities was inspiring.

This experience not only taught me about space exploration, but also about the importance of teamwork, resilience and the opportunities that space offers for future generations.


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