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School life

At our centres in Sant Cugat, Agora Sant Cugat International School, Agora Pipo and Agora Patufet Infant School, we believe that the family is a fundamental pillar in the pupils' learning process. We believe in a constant, joint, triangular relationship between the school, pupils and families, involving the latter in such an essential stage as education. We promote communication to create an environment of trust and enrich bonds in a close, personal way, adapted to the needs of pupils and their families. The aim of Agora International School is to develop a harmonious bond, where families are aware of each and every decision which concerns the pupil, and at the same time are fully aware of how the school works as a whole.

The family-school relationship is essential in order to make joint work possible. We focus on educating in the academic field, on developing people to be part of the world and always without forgetting the values we want to transmit. We try to ensure that pupils have responsible freedom, accepting and assuming their responsibilities and the consequences of their actions, that they are capable of analysing what is happening around them and that they learn self-control and self-discipline.

In short, we believe that school and family have a common priority: the full development of the pupil. The pupils at Agora Sant Cugat International School, Agora Patufet and Agora Pipo Infant School are our core and our main priority on a daily basis. We ensure quality education at an academic level, so that pupils have meaningful learning and, little by little, achieve their professional goals, and grow and develop as individuals, with skills adapted to today's global and dynamic environment.

We work on humanistic values as the basis of education, with the aim of instilling a model of responsible and adult life. We instill an education in values based on respect and tolerance, self-improvement, responsibility and social commitment.


Agora Sant Cugat, Agora Patufet and Agora Pipo have everything necessary to take children through their various stages of learning: classrooms, science laboratories, a sports centre, the Josep Carreras auditorium and fully equipped TV studios.


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Our three campus offer a wide range of services that adapt themselves to the various needs of families and fosters a balance between school and family life: school transport, school canteen, extended timetable, nurse, shop….



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Extracurricular activities

A full programme of extracurricular activities to strengthen and reinforce the skills of our pupils. A wide range of activities that completes the school timetable and opens up a world of experiences for children from P3, thanks to music, sport, languages, cooking and robotics, among many other activities.

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Summer Camp

We offer a wide variety of camps and services during the summer months for students from 1 year old to Baccalaureate. 


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Educational Psychology Department

The Educational Psychology & University Career Guidance of Agora Sant Cugat International School is a differential service that works with students, parents and teachers in order to address the individual needs of each student.

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