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Extracurricular activities

We offer a full programme of extracurricular activities which provide the chance to strengthen the pupils’ skills.

A broad range of activities which completes the school schedule and opens up a world of new feelings to children of all ages: music, sport, languages, cooking, robotics, among many other activities.

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Multilingualism is one of the distinctive elements of the educational project at Agora Sant Cugat, Pipo and Patufet Infant School, which is why we reinforce our curricular language project with a Language School. Pupils from Primary to Baccalaureate can choose a language to develop or improve from English, German, French, Chinese and Portuguese.


At our Music School we offer a complete programme for our pupils to perfect their music studies, improving their attention span and concentration and boosting their school performance. We offer classes in musical language, orchestra, band, chamber music, combo, choir, instrument classes, and individual or group singing.


We offer a wide range of sporting activities for pupils to choose their favourite sport: judo, athletics, chess, tennis, indoor football, football, paddle tennis, basketball, rhythmic gymnastics, dance, multi-sports, swimming, ballet in English, volleyball, handball, roller games and figure skating. Endless opportunities for children to develop physically and acquire values

Visual and scenic arts

A huge number of benefits is gained from children being in contact with art from an early age. Through the arts and performing arts activities we offer as extracurricular activities, pupils will gain in sensibility and grow as people. They can choose from theatre and art in English.


Science and technology

Creative and technological activities are available within our science and technology programme. Robotics is a great way of learning how to programme. In Creative Technology students learn all about drones and videogames design, Fun science teaches the children about science and Kids Brain is where Primary children learn Maths and English using an abacus. The youngest children are introduced to these disciplines through the Lego Creative Space.


Cooking is a wonderful way to develop children’s creativity, and have a great time! Cooking stimulates their senses, as dealing with ingredients forces them to notice smells, flavours, consistencies, and above all, to be disciplined and responsible. Cooking is also a good way for them to discover and become familiar with food and nutritional health, while gaining self-confidence.


Academic support

We offer individual classes in all subjects as well as reinforcement classes, learning to learn classes, reading motivation, reading and writing reinforcement and the application of technology in learning. In addition, we also offer classes for small groups and playful mathematics.

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