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Guidance and Educational Psychology Department

At our school, we have a Guidance and Educational Psychology Department made up of two child psychologists, two educational psychologists, and a speech therapist, whose aim is to guide and advise parents, pupils, and teachers.

A differentiating service dedicated to dealing with the educational needs of the pupils in an individualised way, and to attending to the diversity of pupils, collaborating with families to help each and every one of our pupils achieve a level of educational excellence.

Personalised attention for pupils

The personalised attention for pupils is one of the fundamental purposes of the Psycho-pedagogy Department. Close and individualised monitoring enables us to design plans which allow each pupil to grow at their own pace, offering them academic and professional guidance, as well as advice for drawing up their study and homework plans.

In the case of new pupils, the Psycho-pedagogy Department gives support to teachers, families, and pupils. The department participates in the transfer of information between tutors, and advises students during their adjustment period, so that their adaptation to the new school is achieved in the best way possible, taking into account the pupil’s well-being and needs.

Attention to diversity and psycho-diagnostic assessment

The Psycho-pedagogy Department offers a differentiating service that is Attention to Diversity whose aim is to prevent, identify, and respond to the main difficulties that pupils might show throughout the learning process. We understand diversity as both learning difficulties (problems with attention, laterality, reading and writing), emotional difficulties (problems when relating with classmates, behaviour in class, and those originating in family difficulties), and high abilities (giftedness, talent, and intellectual precocity).

Furthermore, when it comes to high abilities, Agora Sant Cugat International School has ties with the “Javier Berché Foundation”, which provides support for pupils, as well as a training programme for teachers, with the objective of optimising the students’ skills. In all cases, the Psycho-pedagogy Department coordinates the action and monitoring plans.

Support for families and teachers

The Educational Psychology Department collaborates directly with tutors, teachers, and families to help enhance each pupil’s skills. It is open to questions from families and organises the Parents’ School conferences, as well as debates and workshops which provide the necessary information and education to contribute to the children’s comprehensive development. In addition, the department optimises the teamwork of the teachers, enabling families to receive the right information at all times.

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